The decision to check yourself or a loved one into a rehabilitation center is often one of the most personal and important decisions in an individual’s life.

But after making the leap and deciding that a rehab center is the next step in yourself or a loved one’s life, what do you do next? How do you know that the rehab that you’ve been referred to or saw an ad for on the television is a legitimate facility with your sobriety as a top priority?

When it comes time to check reviews for restaurants, there’s Yelp. For mom and pop shops, there’s Facebook page reviews. And, finally, for lawyers, there’s Avvo.

But what about for rehabilitation centers? It’s no question that the decision to check into a rehab is more important than deciding where your next meal is, but until now, there existed no reliable resource to check reviews and find rehab centers that are personalized to your needs.

This is where Rehab Report comes in. As our name suggests, simply put in a rehab and you can see a full report, including reviews and our personal ratings.

We created Rehab Report to help people who are currently in the position that were once in. Rehab Report was created by two ex-drug and alcohol addicts who successfully recovered, but only after going to several rehab centers and finding the right one.

Unfortunately, the business of rehabs is one driven by money and there is little incentive for most centers to provide the legitimate care that patients need. In fact, most rehabs intentionally provide substandard care knowing that if (when) the patient relapses, he or she will be forced to check back into their center, reaping more profits for the owner of the rehab center.

Rehab Report, unlike other sites, has one primary goal that we prioritize: helping you or your loved one find a rehab that corresponds to your needs.

There’s no one size fits all answer to the tricky problem of addiction, but we hope that Rehab Report helps to put you on the right side of recovery.